Better treatment begins with better assessment.

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One convenient portal to manage your entire organization’s facilities, clinicians, and assessments.

Evince Diagnostics LLC offers clinically and scientifically proven assessment instruments, pragmatic consultations, and training based on sound clinical and scientific principles.

Assessment Instruments

  • DSM-5 compatible tools for problem identification and diagnostic documentation
  • ASAM Criteria compatible information for treatment planning and placement issues
  • Support for individualized treatment plans
  • Empirically derived demographic and clinical relapse risk indications
  • Improved efficiency and objectivity of assessment

Assessment Instruments

  • TAAD-5: Quick 10-minute initial DSM-5 indications
  • CAAPE-5: Comprehensive coverage of common SUD and MHD conditions
  • PADDI-5: Comprehensive behavioral health coverage for adolescents
  • SUDDS-5: Comprehensive SUD coverage with age of onset for motivational enhancement

Related Services

  • Analytic capabilities to provide population prevalence rates and associations among conditions

  • Phone consultations to discuss assessment findings
  • Educational workshops suitable for continuing education needs
  • Consultation for implementing assessment and outcomes informed treatment
  • Consultation for documenting treatment effectiveness

“Our products and services are designed for the 21st Century behavioral health field. We provide pragmatic approaches from innovative case finding to initial assessments to documenting treatment results. Our science presentations and workshops are based on published findings adapted to practical applications in the real world.”

——Norman G. Hoffmann, Ph.D., Founder of Evince Diagnostics