New Blog for Evince Diagnostics LLC

New Blog for Evince Diagnostics

By Dr. Norman Hoffmann

This is the first blog from Evince Diagnostics, LLC. We will be covering current issues relevant to behavioral health with an emphasis on substance use disorders and assessment. Topics will include current research, clinical practice topics, and policy.

We will also point out other sources of information including other blogs, publications, and reports. The emphasis will be on empirical information rather then opinion. Any opinions will be clearly identified as such. With respect to some controversial topics we will strive to be neutral unless the facts clearly support one side of the argument. In some cases we may postulate how some disputes might be resolved. A topic that comes to mind in this regard is the continuing contention that moderation or abstinence is the preferred goal for treatment outcomes. Our position is that both may be appropriate, but not necessarily for the same individuals.

Obviously, a current area of concern is the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences not only for public health, but also access to treatment services. There are some logical means of mitigation, but public policies and reimbursement practices might pose challenges.