UNCOPE Plus a quick, effective and free screening tool

The basic six-item UNCOPE (Items 5 – 10) has been found to be quite accurate in identifying substance use disorders at various levels of severity. The first five items map to five different DSM-5 criteria and the last item suggests self-medication intent. Thus, three or more positive responses would suggest meeting at least a mild diagnosis. Research with the UNCOPE has found that about 85% of those with three or more positive responses fall into the severe range based upon detailed diagnostic inquiry with structured interviews such as the CAAPE-5 or SUDDS-5.

The UNCOPE Plus added four items on quantity and frequency of use. This allows one to screen for potentially excessive or harmful use in the absence of current diagnostic indications. One strategy for providing feedback is included in this document.

The final four items (Items 11 – 14) consist of two screens. The first two items have been identified as indicating possible PTSD, and the second set as identifying likely major depressive episodes. With the addition of these two brief screens, the 14 items provided here allow for preliminary screening for the three most prevalent conditions among inmates in local jails and likely other distressed populations.

You can download a PDF of the UNCOPE Plus here.